Weekly Write

Bobbi saying Hello!

Directions for the Weekly Write:

  1. Read the prompt as soon as you can after the Monday Posting.
  2. Think about it! Wait 24-48 hours before you begin writing.
  3. Write! Try to schedule two or more short sessions each week.
  4. Start with 10 or 15-minute sessions, then adjust them as you progress to more sessions for less time or a few sessions for more time.
  5. If you miss a week, don’t worry! Just scroll down to see what you missed.

The Weekly Write:

13 May 2024: Let’s try getting out of doors this week to describe some live action or maybe just live reaction. Describe the day outside – but only by being out in it! Is it a beautiful spring day? Already summery? Raining? And yes, be out in it even if it’s raining. Already hot and sunny? Is it snowing? Be sure to dress accordingly!

6 May 2024: This week, write the description – a detailed description – of a kitchen.  Don’t forget about light, shadow, and the all-important smell. Yes, smell: a kitchen might smell of cookies, roasting meat, or unwashed dishes. A home kitchen or a restaurant kitchen? Are there any people in this kitchen? What are they doing? What is on the floor – tile or something else? What is the countertop made of?  Is there a backsplash? One sink or two? More sinks? (there likely would be if this were a restaurant kitchen) Are the appliances stainless?  Is the freezer below the fridge or above it? Side by side? Are the fridge and freezer separate? Is the stove gas or convection? How many burners? Write the most in-depth detail you can – challenge yourself.

29 April 2024: This week we’re moving inside to describe interiors. Pick one room in your home and describe it as it is – cluttered, dusty, old furniture you hate, whatever – describe it exactly as it is. If you have time this week, describe it as you would like it to look.

22 April 2024: This time, my favorite, we are describing mountains.  If you need a picture, look up the Maroon Bells (one of the most photographed mountain ranges in the US), Denali, the Hindu Kush, Kilimanjaro, or Fuji. Then put your mountains somewhere  – you are not required to put them where they belong.  For example, put Denali in the Himalayas. Put your mountains on the Moon or Mars.  Would their colors remain the same?

15 April 2024: Time for more descriptions: let’s do a beach this week.  Be sure to do two – at least one of them should have no people anywhere on it and describe the reason there are no people in it. (Deserted island? Storm brewing?  Primordial beach before humans existed?)

8 April 2024: This time let’s describe more than one of our weekly topic.  We’ll try a forest. First, describe the forest in your head. Since some of you mentioned this was tough, try using a picture from the internet. Then try another; a forest on another planet. If a picture to look at while you work makes you feel more confident, search for “fantasy forest image” and you can get some good ones. 

1 April 2024: April Fool’s Day! Since we are doing descriptions, describe the most elaborate April Fool’s prank you ever pulled, ever heard about, or ever wanted to pull on someone.  Remember, the more detail the better!

25 Mar 2024: This week, let’s leave point-of-view to simmer for a while. We will be moving on to descriptions. Descriptions are getting others to share your vision, so they are very important to writing. On 22 January, we looked at sunrise or sunset. Now is your chance to write about the perfect one. Is it over a mountain? The ocean? A lake? Maybe it’s over the open prairie? Imagine the most perfect one you can think of and describe it in the greatest detail you can think of. Are there clouds? Is it pink or red? What shade? Think about as many different locations as you can and try them all.  

18 Mar 2024: This week we look at memoir writing, so let’s think back to our point-of-view exercises and use your point-of-view. Where were you when you heard about 9/11? Tell the story of your memory. If you weren’t alive at the time, do you remember the first time you heard about it? What did you think when you learned about it?  Don’t want to talk about 9/11? How about the Moon Landing, the Kennedy Assassination, when Martin Luther King was shot, the start of COVID quarantine, or Pearl Harbor?   

11 Mar 2024: Since this week was the onset of Daylight Savings time – where we save absolutely NO daylight – and we’ve all been shorted some sleep, let’s take a week to catch up. Find the Weekly Write you struggled with the most, or work on one you missed.  If you struggled, and nothing more comes to you, try starting over. If you missed one, just scroll down, find the date, and do it now.

4 Mar 2024: Last week we looked at a different point-of-view from the aspect of time, this week, we are going to try another unique point of view.  This week, you need to write from the point of view of your cat or dog. (or fish or bird, you get the idea)  If you don’t own a pet, think of one belonging to a neighbor or a friend:

“Alone again! This is my opportunity to…”

26 Feb 2024:  When I advertised the Weekly Write I said I would include some Historical Fiction.  So while Margaret, Mrs. Ronald Greville, was a real person who did live at Polesden Lacey, and I hope you will at least do one search on her name or her home – the home is worth a view if you’re into design! – how much research you do is up to you:

“Mrs. Ronald Greville leaned into the luxurious backseat of the limousine as her chauffeur pulled away from the curb in front of her London home. She needed to get to Polesden Lacey early to prepare for the special guests she would have this weekend.” 

19 Feb 2024:  This one may take more time to think about before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Try to write something sci-fi/fantasy, or at the very least, make this one as fictional as you can. Pick your direction on this one, up or down:

“There was no doubt about it: 10,000 feet and falling/climbing was no place to change one’s mind.”

12 Feb 2024:  We’re looking a bit at research this time.  The Internet can be a marvelous tool, but everyone can put an opinion on it. I suggest doing some research on your view first, but no matter what you believe, always add some from the opposing view.  The secret to research is when to stop researching and start writing, so plan accordingly:

“Climate change…”

5 Feb 2024:  Let’s try something very basic and explore how far, or how close, to home, just one little idea can take you:

“It had to happen…”

29 Jan 2024: Another go at some fiction. Once again, if you need to get yourself started, think of a special day in your life to get going. Since this is fiction you can choose your pronoun:

“As she/he/I awoke, lassitude gave way to the knowledge that today was the day.”

22 Jan 2024: This week, let’s look at feelings and nature:

“I prefer sunrise/sunset because…”

15 Jan 2024: This week, we can try fiction. Since this is fiction, you get to pick your pronoun. Think of this as the opening scene of your 30-minute TV show. If you get stuck, try doing it as something that happened to you:

“I/He/She/They sat staring into my/his/her cup. How had I/he/she/we ended up here?”

8 Jan 2024: Let’s begin with something basic for this first Weekly Write. In fact, as you think about it, try creating a list (as an outline for those of you who want such a thing). That way, when you’re ready to write, you’ll know where you’re going. Pick your own tense this week:

“The Holidays are/were…